<font color="khaki">Cape Canaveral Lighthouse & Spaceflight Exploration Tours</font>

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse & Spaceflight Exploration Tours

Join us on a tour into the history of Cape Canaveral, Visit the lighthouse, historic launch complexes, and view the landscapes of the Cape.
Loved the Lighthouse! Loved the tour! Way better than the NASA 3 hour tour!
MelonKnees, March 2019
Very nice! Just a great tour all around!
Melissa, March 2019
Best part was Air Force Station segment.
Dondd, March 2019
Great tour guides, very knowledgeable, wish it hadn't been rainy!
Pat Z, March 2019
I liked the whole tour, great info I did not know. Great history
James E, March 2019
Thank you so much for an amazing and extra tour this weekend! We loved everything about the tour!
Laura W, March 2019
The tour was more than I as expecting. The whole thing was spectacular. It was too short because there is so much more to experience.
mskelly, March 2019
A good look at a lot of history, well done
JL Posey, Feb 2019
The tour included such a nice variety.
Kim R., Feb 2019
Tour name does not reflect how much of tour is the base and launch facilities, but I loved it! Wish we could go to the top of the lighthouse.
BJ, Feb 2019
Very nice tour of both locations, loved it!
Skibumble, Feb 2019
Great information from guides. Very enjoyable, interesting trip! Especially enjoyed visiting the launch sites and the lighthouse! Thank you, wonderful tour.
J Barrow, Jan 2019
Information provided was great. Gary & Shelly were awesome! Thank you
George P, Jan 2019
Enjoyed very much, great tour
RF Cheif, Jan 2019
The docents are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly. The tour pace was nice.
M Landah, Jan 2019
Knowledgeable docents at the Lighthouse, they were great.
K Shoema, Feb 2019
Came for the lighthouse and Oh My goodness got SO much more!
Susan M, Feb 2019
Excellent job, We'll send our friends. Enjoyed the blockhouse visit and history talks.
G Gray, Feb 2019
Tour guides were extremely knowledgeable, really enjoyed Dr. Witt.
G Murocco, Feb 2019

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to take a tour to see the Lighthouse? The Lighthouse located on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and requires pre-approved security clearance...
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Tour Details
Canaveral Lighthouse Tours provides weekly tours in a comfortable air conditioned coach. Standard tours are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and additionally various Saturdays a month (check...
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A Living Light
The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse has stood on the cape for over 150 years. In the beginning the current lighthouse was located about a mile and...
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