Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take a tour to see the Lighthouse?

The Lighthouse is located on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and requires pre-approved security clearance and an escort.  Canaveral Tours provides this service as part of the tour. Reservations are required in advance.

I have a military ID. Can I drive out myself?

Only personnel who have working privilege’s for Cape Canaveral Air Force Station can gain access. Military, active or retired, can visit Patrick Air Force Base.  However, those privilege’s do not transfer to the Air Force Station.

Can I climb the Lighthouse?

The first five floors of the Lighthouse can be climbed on the inside stairwell.  Weather permitting the outside staircase from the third floor is used to exit the lighthouse.

Minimum height to climb is 48″.  You must wear closed toed shoes, no flip flops, no slider/slip-on shoes, no high heels.

Can I bring my camera?

Of course! Pictures are permitted throughout most of the tour.  There are two buildings on the Air Force stations the tour guides will request you do not take photos.

How long is the tour?

Our standard tour is 4 hours, allowing approximately 1 hour visiting the lighthouse, 45 minutes at space history museum, and 10 to 20 minutes at stops for memorials and historical launch complexes

Open House Events are 2 hours allowing 1 1/2 hour at Lighthouse and Hanger C with 30 mins drive time for shuttle service

Is this a walking tour?

It is a coach tour with walking opportunities. You are transported in a Mercedes Coach from Port Canaveral Exploration Tower. There is walking at the Lighthouse and several stops. However you determine how much walking you would like to do. Observing from the van or bus is perfectly acceptable.

Are the tours guaranteed to run on reserved date?

No, There are times the Space Force closes the base or areas on base for launches and other activities.  Many times those are announced with only one day notice.  We will work with guest to arrange a different time or day as allowed per the schedule or issue a full refund if requested.

Many times we have the opportunity to watch a launch during the tour which may require an adjustment in time of tour. We will contact guest when that opportunity is available.

Also a 4 person minimum is required to run the tour, We will advise 3 days prior and make arrangements to transfer your booking to another date or issue a full refund.

What security information is required?

US citizens require Name, Birthdate and either a valid Florida Driver’s license or Social Security number for out of state visitors; Foreign visitors require passport information. You must provide Security Information in advance for EACH PARTICIPANT. US citizens 2 days in advance, Foreign visitors require 4 days in advance.

Minors only need full name and birthdate when traveling with adult

On day of tour a picture ID must be presented and A hold harhmless agreement must be signed for access onto AF Station. click here to view form

What do I need to bring on day of tour?

A desire for exploration, your camera, your lighthouse passport to get stamped, ID for check-in and closed toed shoes for climbing first 5 floors inside lighthouse.  You do NOT need to print confirmation, we have your reservation information

Can I bring luggage off the cruise ship?

No luggage, suitcases or over-sized backpacks are allowed on the tour. Camera bags are welcome.

Is there someplace to get food while on the tour?

No stops have food to purchase.  You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks. We have cold water available on the van at any stop during the tour.