Canaveral Lighthouse Tours provides small group tours of up to 10 passengers

Tours are in an air conditioned Mercedes executive coach

Length of tour is approximately 3 1/2 hours

A stop at the lighthouse is approximately 1 hour and a Lighthouse docent provides a guided tour. The first 5 floors of the lighthouse are available for touring as well as the grounds surrounding lighthouse, weather permitting.

There are two additional stops to explore historic launch complexes. A stop at Complex 14, the site of Mercury missions, the first manned orbital flights. A stop at Launch pad 34, the site of Apollo 1 launch that took the lives of 3 astronauts and Apollo 7 a manned flight that orbited the earth for 11 days.

Additional views throughout the tour route include historic cemetery of early settlers and wildlife on vast surroundings of the cape.

Minimum height of 48″ tall is required to climb lighthouse. Shoes must be worn with heel support, no flip flops or high heels, allowed to climb stairs.

Guests are not allowed to bring backpacks or suitcases on tour. Cameras are allowed.

Tours require 2 day advance reservation for security clearance. Foreign visitors require 4 days advance reservation.